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We offer system solutions for radio frequency. From the single component as amplifier, antenna, directional coupler, power divider, synthesizer, oscillator and waveguide to the point of system components as up/down converter, switched filter banks and completeintelligent systems.

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The best from 13 countries and 48 supplier. Globes Electronics is your interbranch technology partner.

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High Frequency Technology.
The best from 13 Countries and 49 Supplier.

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Milexia Group acquired Globes Elektronik

we are delighted to announce the acquisition of Globes Elektronik by the Milexia group... Read more

Narda-MITEQ High-Spectral Purity Synthesizers up to 15GHz

The SLS2 series operates from 0.010 to 15GHz (in bands, with the capability of covering Octave bands) with the option of doubling frequency by using an external multiplier. Datasheet